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Welcome to Getaway

Welcome to Getaway!

Feel the need to travel to an unspoiled place for your holiday? If you are looking to relax, get away from it all and find accommodation on the west coast of Southern Africa, the new Legacy Accommodation complex the area in the vicinity of Paternoster is the place to begin your search and get the relaxation you need. For those arriving in Cape Town by air, Legacy Travel will transport you from the airport to a place of raw and largely untold natural beauty. At Legacy Accommodation it is a different experience altogether, a legacy in its own right, and one you will never forget.

Perhaps it is the imagery of remains of shipwrecks that dashed the dreams of countless forgotten explorers seeking to get away from Europe and find new territory that visitors to the Legacy accommodation chalets will appreciate. Perhaps it is the unique and stark contrast where desert land meets icy ocean. Perhaps it is the silence, the pre-historic sensations and aromas that only an interface between the Atlantic ocean and a moderate African desert could possibly create. Perhaps it is knowing that although we live in a modern world, some parts of it are relatively timeless and have hardly changed for thousands of years. Whatever it is, it is something you need to enjoy first-hand here at Legacy Accommodation. Let us provide you with the same getaway experience, the one you long for, where you can relax and feel totally at peace.

The Legacy Accommodation chalets are situated within a short travel distance by Legacy Travel vehicles from the town of Paternoster, which is perhaps the first fishing village that arose on the West coast of South Africa. We gave Legacy Accommodation the legacy name for those wanting to travel to Paternoster because it has its origins dating back to the days of the earliest Portuguese and Spanish discoverers in the 17th century. In the early days it consisted only of two types of people: the offspring of stranded sailors and fishermen who were willing to travel from the southern Cape to find new waters to exploit. You will find the bay easily if you travel approximately 150km north of Cape Town. It is a few kilometers away from Cape Columbine. If you choose to drive rather than utilize the services of Legacy Travel, please make sure that you do not park too close to the penguin nesting area.

The area around Legacy Accommodation is famous for its fish braais, lobster and quaint fishermen’s cottages. It is a natural art phenomenon; everywhere is sun-bleached and postcard picturesque. This stretch of coastline is very relaxing for visitors wanting to get away from the hustle of city life. It has a Mediterranean climate and receives most of its rainfall during winter.

However, although you may feel like relaxing and taking it easy, be prepared for an assault on your taste-buds at any venue you eat at near Legacy Accommodation. You will discover for the first time what real fish tastes like, an abundance of herring, snoek, mussels, oysters, perlemoen and lobster in voluminous, sumptuous smorgasbords that have to be seen and tasted to be believed. It is lobster country, smoked fish, the home of Redro fish paste, bokkoms, dried mullet and other fish variations that are exported all over the world.

At Legacy Accommodation we give you not only that, but a unique west-coast travel experience that will make your mouth water every time you think about it. You will remember the desert, the friendly, characterful locals, the cries of seagulls, the salty, misty mornings and the setting of the sun over craggy, salt-sprayed ocean cliffs forever.